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Woman killed, daughter injured on icy roads in St. Louis County

At this time of the year, driving becomes a much more laborious task as people have to deal with the icy road conditions brought about by the winter weather. At times like these, drivers in St. Louis look to their local officials to ensure that road conditions are sufficient for them to drive safely. While each driver must hold himself or herself personally responsible to drive responsibly given the conditions, they are also entitled to expect that the city in which they live has attempted to keep the roads relatively clear. Failure to do so by the city may open the door for liability issues.

Icy roads were believed to have been a factor in a recent car accident in south St. Louis County that left a woman dead and her young daughter with critical injuries. The woman’s car reportedly collided with a truck, whose driver was uninjured.

Such cases can be difficult as both the driver’s own driving habits as well as the icy conditions can be pointed to as having caused the accident. Even eyewitness testimony and a thorough examination of what transpired during the accident won’t often tell the whole story, as some drivers simply do not perform as well on icy roads as others do.

Ultimately, the city or local municipality typically is responsible for keeping the roads clear. As such, victims or victim’s representatives who believe that the failure to provide adequate road conditions led to their accidents may look to seek compensation for the injuries that they suffered or the losses that they were forced to endure. Those looking to make such a case may wish to work with an attorney in doing so.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch “Police ID woman killed in icy crash in south St. Louis County” Denise Hollinshed, Dec. 09, 2013

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