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Mother sues school board and teachers following death of her son

When parents in St. Louis send their children to school, it’s with the expectation that the school’s teachers, administrators, and other employees will do all they can to protect the kids. If and when a student is injured or, worse yet, killed at school or while participating in a school-related activity, parents are justified in their desire to want to know why that protection wasn’t provided. If it’s believed that negligence on behalf of school employees led to a student’s death, then the school, the school district, and even the school board may be subject to legal action.

Springfield family files civil suit following death of daughter

The sudden loss of a loved one would be difficulty for any St. Louis family to deal with. To lose him or her under suspicious circumstances only compounds the loss. For many, the agony that they experience while waiting for the wheels of justice to turn against the accused can be too much to have to endure. Families in these situations have the option of pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against those suspected of killing their loved ones, yet such action often occurs following a criminal trial. However, that is not always the case.

Lawsuit accuses Odessa pawn shop of negligence in shooting death

Many in St. Louis may wonder what sort of responsibility a merchant has should an item that he or she sells be used in the commission of a crime. Some may argue that a merchant’s obligation is only to service his or her customers, and that culpability lies only with the person who committed the offense. Yet if the merchant was warned prior to a transaction that that buyer could have malicious intentions for the purchase, a claim may be made that the merchant has an ethical responsibility to avoid such a sale.

Novelty man facing simultaneous criminal and civil trials

The loss of a loved one can leave a significant void in a St. Louis family’s life. That void can be deepened even further if it’s believed that he or she died under mysterious or preventable circumstances. The family may choose to file a wrongful death claim seeking compensation for their pain and suffering. Yet it’s not uncommon to see the defendants in such cases also facing criminal charges in connection to these deaths. Simultaneous criminal and civil proceedings are not all that uncommon, and operate completely independent from each other.

Lawsuit filed against the estate of an alleged killer

Often a wrongful death lawsuit will be associated with an alleged homicide, with the victim’s representative(s) seeking compensation from the accused killer. Yet what about those cases involving a suspected murder-suicide, where the alleged killer also takes his or her own life, as well? One may question how compensation can be sought from someone who is deceased. Yet those in St. Louis wanting such compensation may choose to seek it from the estate of the suspected killer.

Archdiocese of St. Louis denied funds for lawsuit settlement

A wrongful death lawsuit can be a very complicated matter. Many in St. Louis may simply view the resolution of these lawsuits as a defendant being found liable and thus being forced to compensate the plaintiff. Yet the hope for many going into these lawsuits is that they'll never have to reach a jury trial, and that a settlement can be arranged between the two sides. However, setting up such an agreement often doesn't simply require the consent of the two parties involved, but also of any outside entities like insurance carriers that a defendant may be relying on to fund a settlement. Should any of these entities dispute the settlement, one could possibly see their claim go up in smoke.

Kansas City Chiefs sued over the death of Jovan Belcher

Most in St. Louis would find dealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one a very difficult task. That difficulty can be compounded even more when the deceased commits suicide. Many will often try to assign blame to someone or something for having driven their loved ones to suicide. Some may view this as a misguided coping mechanism. Yet those left to deal with the aftermath of suicide may very well feel that they know what drove their loved ones to take their own lives, and if they believe that those driving influences may have been prevented, they may decide to pursue legal action against those they hold responsible.

Springfield psychiatrist, facility hit with wrongful death suit

St. Louis residents place a great deal of trust in the area’s doctors and other healthcare providers to not only prescribe them the correct medications, but to also warn them of any potential complications that may arise from the use of such drugs. That’s why it is often so difficult to deal with the aftermath of one having an adverse reaction, especially if it’s felt that the dangers of drug were never properly explained, or that the provider should have known better than to prescribe the drug in the first place. If one dies as a result of taking such a medication, his or her family and friends may choose to express their frustration over such a perceived error through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Family awarded $2.4 million in lawsuit against doctor

The loss of a loved one is never an easy thing for any St. Louis resident to have to deal with. For many, that loss is compounded by the thought the his or her death may have been prevented if not for the negligent or incompetent acts of another. Whether their losses come as the result of medical malpractice, a motor vehicle accident, or a fatal workplace injury, those affected may seek compensation from those they deem to be responsible through a wrongful death lawsuit.

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